Greetings to residents, resident representatives, family members and the community!

Here is Park Manor’s weekly update for the week of November 16th 2020:

Park Manor had a focused infection control inspection yesterday that was conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  These inspections are performed routinely at any nursing home that has a COVID outbreak.  The good news is we passed our inspection with flying colors.  We had no deficient practices. The surveyor complimented Park Manor on the excellent infection control we have in place and how caring Park Manor employees are with our residents. We hope these results help reassure everyone that we are doing everything we can to keep the COVID virus under control!

Yesterday, we also opened our Woodlands quarantine unit.  This unit is set up to quarantine any Park Manor resident who becomes COVID positive.  As a result of routine testing we did identify one of our newly admitted residents as COVID positive.  This resident does not have symptoms that require hospitalization so was moved to the Woodlands COVID quarantine unit and will reside there during the ten day infectious period.  This unit is managed by a Park Manor RN who, along with therapy professionals, will provide care to the resident.

Additionally we had an employee who also tested positive for COVID, requiring us to place one of our second floor wings in precautionary quarantine for the next 14 days.  At this time, we have the second floor 500 wing and the Rivers Edge rehab units in precautionary quarantine.

Routine testing will continue twice weekly for all staff and residents.  The continued surge of COVID cases in Price County and our testing results show the importance of doing routine testing at Park Manor.  The majority of our positive results have come from routine tests.  The sooner we are able to identify a positive individual, the sooner we can make sure they are quarantined, protecting everyone else at Park Manor.

As the holidays approach we know everyone would like to be able to visit with their loved ones.  Park Manor would recommend to all residents and families that visiting be done by telephone, social media or window visit as weather allows.  Each resident at Park Manor has the right to have a visit outside of Park Manor.  Residents and their family need to weigh the risks and benefits of leaving the safety of Park Manor given the current surge in COVID in the community.  If a resident and their family decide to leave Park Manor for a holiday visit, the resident will be required to quarantine in our Rivers Edge quarantine unit for 14 days upon their return.  If you are considering a visit outside of Park Manor, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can plan accordingly.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.  While we would love to have everyone visit over the holidays, we encourage everyone to “Stay Home” and “Stay Safe”, limiting social contacts.   As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact us at Park Manor, 715-762-2449

Sharon Schultz, NHA, Executive Administrator          

Heidi Prellwitz, RN, NHA, Director of Nursing